2017 SCIAC Women's Cross Country Schedule

Date Team Event Status Results Links
Fri. 1 La Verne Occidental-Pomona-Pitzer-La Verne Triangle Meet Final 3rd of 3
  Occidental Occidental-Pomona-Pitzer-La Verne Triangle Meet Final 1st of 3
  Pomona-Pitzer Occidental-Pomona-Pitzer-La Verne Triangle Meet Final 2nd of 3
Sat. 2 Caltech Redlands Invitational Final 4th of 6
  Cal Lutheran Mark Covert Classic Final 15th of 16
  CMS Nationball Classic Final 1st of 2
  Redlands Redlands Invitational Final 3rd of 6
Sat. 9 CMS Biola Invitational Final 1st of 12
  La Verne Biola Invitational Final 11th of 12
  Whittier Biola Invitational Final 7th of 12
Sat. 16 Caltech UC Riverside Invitational (Race 1) Final 29th of 30
  Cal Lutheran UC Riverside Invitational Final 24th of 28
  Chapman UC Riverside Invitational (Race 1) Final 30th of 30
  CMS UC Riverside Invitational Final 9th of 28
  La Verne UC Riverside Invitational Final 27th of 28
  Occidental UC Riverside Invitational Final 10th of 28
  Pomona-Pitzer UC Riverside Invitational Final 8th of 28
  Redlands UC Riverside Invitational Final 11th of 28
  Whittier UC Riverside Invitational Final 18th of 28
Fri. 22 Chapman Golden West Central Park Classic Final 9th of 15
Sat. 23 CMS CSU San Bernardino Invitational Final 1st of 10
Fri. 29 Caltech SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 5th of 9
  Cal Lutheran SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 8th of 9
  Chapman SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 7th of 9
  CMS SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 1st of 9
  La Verne SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 9th of 9
  Occidental SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 2nd of 9
  Pomona-Pitzer SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 4th of 9
  Redlands SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 3rd of 9
  Whittier SCIAC Multi-Duals Final 6th of 9
Sat. 14 Caltech Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 7th of 13
  Cal Lutheran Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 11th of 13
  Chapman Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 13th of 13
  CMS Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 1st of 13
  La Verne Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 12th of 13
  Occidental Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 8th of 13
  Pomona-Pitzer Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 2nd of 13
  Redlands Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 3rd of 13
  Whittier Pomona-Pitzer Invitational Final 6th of 13
  Occidental Cowbell Classic at Principia College Final 12th of 36
Sat. 28 SCIAC Championship * Chino Hills, Calif. Final
Sat. 11 NCAA West Regional Championship Claremont, Calif. Final
Sat. 18 NCAA Division III Championship Elsah, Ill. Final
* Conference