The SCIAC's Mission Statement

Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Mission Statement

Established in 1915, the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division III since 1972, identifies its mission as follows:

The member institutions of the SCIAC are committed to the fostering of the ideals of amateur sports within an environment of high academic standards.  The members of the conference value the ways in which athletic competition and the development of physical skills and ideals of sportsmanship can be seen as supporting the intellectual and social growth of their students.  It encourages a vision of intercollegiate competition that emphasizes and takes advantage of the close proximity of its institutions, their similarity in missions, and their shared perspectives on education.  Conference members place their emphasis on fully integrating their student-athletes into their student bodies and into all aspects of student life, on the participants in athletics rather than spectators, on the development of sportsmanship, on equity for genders in opportunity and support, on equity for programs in opportunity and support, on the support for ethnic and gender diversity, and on regional, in-season, and conference competition.  Conference members believe that their ends in this area can be attained without excessive commitment of resources and support each other in that goal.  Conference members have a long history of national prominence in athletics and national championship competition, and always aspire to compete at the highest levels.  However, conference emphasis will always be on the competitive experience most broadly understood as being of benefit to the widest number of its students, not just those who can compete at the national and international level.  As members of the NCAA, Division III, the conference and its institutions strive to be leaders within that organization and the wider collegiate community in asserting, maintaining, and establishing those principles and all they imply.