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SCIAC Honors 2016-17 All-Academic Team

SCIAC Honors 2016-17 All-Academic Team

PASADENA, Calif. – The Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) has named 1405 student-athletes to the 2016-17 All-Academic Team. 

The SCIAC All-Academic Team recognizes student-athletes who have achieved a grade point average of 3.40 or higher and must have completed one full calendar year at their current institution. SCIAC student-athletes demonstrate the NCAA Division-III philosophy enabling a full collegiate experience, beyond the arena of competition and the classroom.

2016-17 SCIAC All-Academic Team

Name Year Major Insitution
David Adams FR Computer Science Caltech
Dylan Alhanati   Communications La Verne
Michael Angulo JR Business Administration Whittier
Ethan Baer FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Sam Baughman SR Economics/History CMS-CMC
Jacob Benson     La Verne
Jacob Brady JR Economics/Government CMS-CMC
Jack Brancheau JR Undeclared Occidental
Joseph Brazil    Political Science La Verne 
Mitchell Briggs  SO  Business Administration  Chapman 
Jeremey Burton SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Nicholas Cohan    Business Administration  Cal Lutheran 
Josh Cohen  SR  Diplomacy & World Affairs/Economics  Occidental 
Christian Conci SR Environmental Business Redlands
Alex Corado FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Cole Cross FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Devon DeRaad  SR  Biology  Occidental  
Nick DeGallier SO  Mathematics & Economics CMS-CMC
Anthony DeNiro SO Economics Chapman
Cameron Dice   Criminology La Verne
Ashton Edior   Kinesiology La Verne
Cortez Espinoza   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
JD Feist SR Chemistry Caltech
Andrew Fierro JR Pollitical Science Whittier
Aaron Fong   Business Administration La Verne
Ethan Fulsher   Biology La Verne
Brendan Gardiner JR Political Science Redlands
David Gerics SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Steven Glick SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Nicholas Gonzalez     La Verne
Brett Green   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Luka Green FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Kevin Gregersen FR Business Chapman
Marcel Griffioen FR Physics Caltech
Jack Hanley FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Joey Harmon SR Finance Chapman
Casey Hershfield SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Adam Hinthorne JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Sean Holt   Accounting La Verne
Cade Hulse JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Jeremy Jess FR Science Management Pomona-Pitzer
Joe Jimenez FR Business Administration Chapman
John Keane SR/GR MBA Redlands
Minjae Kim FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Kai Kirk SR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Brian Knapp FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Justin Kottinger SO Physics Whittier
PJ LaBarbera FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Andrew Lamar JR Kinesiology Whittier
Conner Larkin SR Political Science Chapman
Jake Lialios FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Brandon Louie FR Biology CMS-CMC
Jared Love SR Physics Chapman
Nolan McCafferty FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Tim Menninger SR Computer Science Caltech
Grant Messner FR Physics Caltech
Connor Moffatt SO Applied & Computational Math Caltech
Brandon Mulrooney SO Kinesiology Whittier
Ryan Nakamura SR Chemistry Whittier
Tanner Nishioka SR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Cody Norman   Kinesiology La Verne
CJ Novogradac SO Economics & Goverment  CMS-CMC
Jeffrey Oki JR  Physics  Occidental 
Matt Omori JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Jake Palumbo SO English Occidental
Cortland Perry FR Computer Science Caltech
Andrew Phillips SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Graham Pimm SR Biology Occidental
William Reader FR Business Administration Whittier
Jeffrey Rebello   Communication Cal Lutheran 
Scott Roberts   Communication Cal Lutheran 
Bryce Rogan JR Math Pomona-Pitzer
Matt Rooney FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Mitch Samson SR/GR MA Education Redlands
Michael San Angelo SR Biology Whittier
Kevin Sasaki FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Christopher Scalisi SR Mathematics Redlands
Andre Simoneau SO  Economics & Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Robert Simsiman JR Math/Physics Pomona-Pitzer
Duncan Skerrett JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Bryan Smith SO  Mathematics  Occidental 
Justin Stream SR Business Chapman
Campbell Streator JR Phil., Politics, Econ./History CMS-CMC
Derek Sun SR Economics Occidental
Sinjin Todd   Biology Cal Lutheran 
Nate Tolles FR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Jaden Tomlon Stromire   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Tavish Towner SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Peter Troupe SO Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Miles Tsujimoto   Kinesiology La Verne
Justin Ushio  JR  Kinesiology  Whittier 
Spencer VanDerStarren FR Whittier Scholars Program Whittier
Jeremy Veitch FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Andrew Vrtar   Biology La Verne
Dmitri Washington JR Kinesiology Whittier
Will Werst SO Electrical Engineering Caltech
Kaden White   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Connor Woods FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Alex Wuschner FR Applied Physics Caltech
Men's Basketball      
Name Year Major Insitution
Nasser Al-Rayes SR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Alec Andrews FR Computer Science Caltech
Jacob Aruta SO Business Administration Whittier
Aaron Ayres FR Applied & Computational Math Caltech
Trevor Baker SO Undeclared Redlands
Roshan Bal FR Computer Science Caltech
Rion Black-Hogins FR Kinesiology Whittier
Jack Boyle FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Steven Brotz SO Computer Science Caltech
Ross Carter FR Physics Caltech
Palmer Chaplin   Computer Science Cal Lutheran 
Reagan Chapman    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Cal Lutheran 
Austin Cole   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Jacob Dawe   Political Science Cal Lutheran 
Micah Elan FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ricky Galliani SR Computer Science Caltech
Samuel Garvin FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Sam Glazer SO Economics/Italian Pomona-Pitzer
Riley Hall SR  Physics  CMS-CMC 
Jeremy Horn  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Calvin Huh FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Bret Johnson FR Computer Science Caltech
Max Karim   Business Administration La Verne
David Kawashima JR Computer Science Caltech
James Kelbert FR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Jeff Kenney SO Business Administration Chapman
Maxwell Kirsch  FR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Thomas Kranwinkle SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ryan Kusch  SO  Computer Science  CMS-HMC 
Mike Li FR Computer Science Caltech
Kendall McClain   Accounting La Verne
Kendrick Morris  JR  Economics-Accounting  CMS-CMC 
Reed Nakakihara JR Accounting Chapman
Rob Nelsen JR Political Science Chapman
Blake O'Brien JR Business Finance Redlands
Max Olsthoorn FR Business Administration Chapman
Matthew Paik FR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Nicholas Potthoff FR Biology Whittier
Miles President  FR  Undeclared  CMS-HMC 
Adam Rees FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Daniel Rosenbaum SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Jeevin Sandhu SO Undeclared Occidental
Mark Sui  SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Will Tender JR Biology Redlands
George Walker FR International Relations CMS-CMC
Andrew Wang  SO  Computer Science  Caltech 
Sawyer Weddle    Biology  Cal Lutheran  
Jesse Wims FR Undeclared Redlands
Women's Basketball      
Name Year Major Insitution
Kaylah Alexander SR Political Science Whittier
Kylie Au JR  Psychology  CMS-SCR 
Naomi Bear SO Neuroscience & Economics Pomona
Grace Baranowski JR English Occidental
Gloria Bates FR Biochemistry CMS-CMC
Jasmine Bernardo   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Brianna Bishop    Psychology  La Verne 
Kris Brackmann SR Anthropology CMS-CMC
Carly Buechler SR Kinesiology (Sports Management) Whittier
Margo Campos SR Kinesiology Whittier
Jade Cheldelin SR Psychology Redlands
Lindsey Cleary FR Computer Science CMS-CMC
Noelle Cobb   Educational Studies La Verne
Sofia Cruz   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Sam D'Costa FR Computer Science Caltech 
Brenna Dela Rosa SO Biology Redlands
Caitlyn Dixon JR Undeclared Redlands
Claire Donnelly SR Economics CMS-CMC
Jai Dungca SR Biology CMS-CMC
Nyjeeiah Ganan   Biology La Verne
Ryann Garcia JR Health Science Chapman
Quinn Glosniak SR  Government  CMS-CMC 
Kiana Gray   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Jaime Hum-Nishikado SR Kinesiology Chapman
Zoe Hunt SO Sociology & Legal Studies Pitzer
Ellery Koelker-Wolfe SO  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Courtney Krysel SR Health Science Chapman
Bailey Kurahashi   Criminology La Verne
Jane Lee FR Undeclared Pitzer
Kate Lewis SR Computer Science Caltech 
Jenny Li FR Computer Science Caltech 
Lauren Longo  FR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Erin Matsumoto  SR  Kinesiology  Occidental 
Taylor Messick   Biology Cal Lutheran 
Liana Minassian   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Suraj Nair JR Computer Science Caltech 
Faye Osburn   Kinesiology La Verne
Nicole Pelletier  SO  Kinesiology  Occidental 
Grace Peng FR Computer Science Caltech 
Anya Quig JR Spanish Pitzer
Danielle Roumbos   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran 
Madison Rubino    Broadcasting  La Verne 
Natalie Ruhl   Biochemistry Cal Lutheran 
Lauren Sato SR Environmental Science & Policy Chapman
Kailee Severt  JR  Chemistry  CMS-CMC 
Allison Siksnus JR Biology Redlands
Angela Silver JR Management of Information Systems Redlands
Mandy Silver SO Undeclared Redlands
Madelyn Stroder SO Bioengineering Caltech 
Zoe Tinsley   Political Science Cal Lutheran 
Sophie True FR Environmental Analysis Pitzer
Rylie Wada   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Kendahl Wallis-Lang  SR  Biology Occidental 
Paige Waters JR Mathematics Occidental
Alexa Withers   Psychology La Verne
Alaina Woo SR Public Policy Analysis Pomona
Kiki Yang  SO  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Ana Youngblood SR Political Science Whittier
Men's Cross Country      
Name Year Major Insitution
Colin Adams SO Physics CMS-HMC
Tommy Alford FR Physics Caltech
Danyon Anderson JR Science & Management CMS-CMC
Miles Anderson SR Urban/Environmental Policy Occidental
Tomas Aragone SO Business Chapman
Oliver Artiga JR Kinesiology Occidental
Nico Banks SR Economics CMS-CMC
Brody Barkan SO Psychology Occidental
Collin Barraugh JR Biochemistry CMS-CMC
Sam Blazes FR Computer Science Caltech
Phillip Bui  SO  Communications Studies  Chapman 
Drake Butler FR Finance Chapman
Samuel Burnett SR Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Osvaldo Cerda  SR  Kinesiology (Pre-Therapy) & Spanish  Whittier 
Erik Chazin SR Sociology and Anthropology & Spanish Redlands
Bhairav Chidambaram  FR  Computer Science  Caltech 
Rohan Choudhury SO Computer Science Caltech
Wyatt Cooper SR Computer Science CMS-CMC
Thomas D'Anieri FR International Relations CMS-CMC
Daniel Diaz  FR  Biology  Whittier  
Rohan Doshi SO Electrical Engineering Caltech
Daniel Essayan JR Chemistry Occidental 
David Fager  FR  Mathematics  Caltech 
David Galindo JR Computer Science & Mathematics Redlands
David Garcia SR Mathematics Redlands
Chance Griffin    Computer Science  La Verne 
Nick Haliday SR Computer Science Caltech
Charlie Harris SO  Government  CMS-CMC 
Michael Hashe SO Computer Science Caltech
Ethan Heffernan JR Physics Occidental 
Joey Hong SO Computer Science Caltech
Kevin Huang JR Chemistry CMS-HMC
Wilson Ives FR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Keenan Leary SR Cognitive Science Occidental
Tanner Long    Biology  La Verne 
Tiger Lu FR Astrophysics Caltech
Harrison Luft SR Economics Occidental
Kyle Lund  SR Robotics  CMS-HMC 
Brooks Macdonald  FR  Undeclared  CMS-HMC 
Mason MacDougall JR Astrophysics Caltech
Atif Malik SR Biology Occidental 
Mario Martinez    Kinesiology  La Verne 
Daniel McCabe  SR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Tanner Moore  FR  Mechanical Engineering  Caltech 
Hunter Olsen  JR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Rishabh Pipada SR Physics Caltech
Nikhil Poole FR Electrical Engineering Caltech
Matt Psaltakis  SO  Applied Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Karsten Rentner SO Business Management & Economics Redlands
Simon Ricci FR Physics Caltech
Evan Richardson FR Economics Chapman
Christian Rider   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Arch Robison  JR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Daniel Romero   Broadcasting La Verne
Austin Sankaran  JR  Diplomacy & World Affairs  Occidental 
Zachary Sergey   Criminal Justice Cal Lutheran 
Zach Solomon  SO  Diplomacy & World Affairs  Occidental 
Jonah Soltes  SO  Biology  Chapman 
Josh Tam JR Kinesiology Chapman
Gianmarco Terrones FR Chemical Engineering (Env) Caltech
Daniel Tustin   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Tyler Tvelia   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Sean Unger JR Mathematics & Computer Science Redlands
Ben Wasserman SO Business Chapman
Caroline Willian  SR  International Relations  CMS-CMC 
Kyle Yano SO Biology Redlands
Women's Cross Country      
Name Year Major Insitution
Sondra Abruzzo SO  Politics  CMS-SCR 
Jennifer Acevedo FR   Pomona-Pitzer
Rachel Barcklay FR  Physics & Mathematics  CMS-HMC 
Maddie Bennet JR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Hayley Bensmiller SO Film Production Chapman
Morgan Blevins SO  Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Laura Broderick JR Economics CMS-SCR
Robin Brown JR Mathematics Caltech 
Roselyn Cantu JR International Relations CMS-CMC
Avery Cardosi  FR  Creative Writing  Chapman 
Mollie Chen JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Lauren Chrislu   Mathematics Cal Lutheran 
Emily Dabrow SO Communicative Disorders & Liberal Studies Redlands
Cora Davies SO Biology Occidental 
Rachael Dela Cruz   Child Development La Verne
Carolyn Demaree SR Political Science & Public Health Redlands
Mel Devoney SR Biology Occidental 
Nicole Feng FR Applied & Computational Math Caltech 
Isabella Fernandez    Educational Studies  La Verne 
Laura Fleming FR Undeclared CMS-HMC
Emily Freilich JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Abby Gardner SR Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Natalie Gradwohl  JR  Kinesiology  Occidental  
Jennifer Grady  FR  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Jordan Grimaldi FR   Pomona-Pitzer
Helen Guo FR Undeclare Pomona-Pitzer
Melissa Gutierrez      
Waylon Henggeler SO Biochemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Kristen Hernandez JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Mia Hernandez SO Business Chapman
Jordan Jenkins SR Political Sciences Pomona-Pitzer
Cherie Jia SO Computer Science Caltech 
Mallory Jones FR Business Chapman
Kaylee Jorgensen JR Psychology Redlands
Gabriella Kimmerly  FR  Biology  CMS-SCR 
Corinna Lee SO   Pomona-Pitzer
Jordan Lee   Public Relations La Verne
Jennifer Lehr  SR  Public Policy Analysis  CMS-SCR 
Katie Li JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Joyce Liao SR English Occidental
Lilly Luo  SR  Applied & Computational Math  Caltech  
Natalie Marsh  SO  Media Studies & Hispanic Studies  CMS-SCR 
Malea Martin SO Undeclared CMS-CMC
Brianna Martinez JR English Whittier 
Emily Mazo SR Computer Science Caltech 
Carmen Mejia SR Computer Science CMS-SCR
Lillana Mora SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Marika Morelan  FR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Rachel Mow  SR  Chemistry  CMS-CMC 
Matilda Msall  SO  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Kathleen Muenzen  SR  Biology, Spanish & Computer Science  CMS-SCR 
Meredith Nix  SO  Biochemistry  CMS-SCR 
Courtney Oberholtz    Education  La Verne 
Sarah Parsons   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Ellie Ramsey SO Creative Writing Redlands
Skye Reese  FR  Mechanical Engineering  Caltech  
Amanda Riley SO Enviornmental Analysis CMS-SCR
Nicole Schedler    Communication  Cal Lutheran  
Erika Schell  SO  Art & Art History  Occidental 
Gauri Shastri SR Biology Caltech 
Anna Shepard SR Phil., Politics., Econ. CMS-CMC
Jasmine Shirey  JR  English & Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Katie Snell  FR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Jessika Snincsak SR Business Administration Redlands
Emma Su  JR  Molecular Biology  CMS-SCR 
Melissa Tobias  FR  Social Work  Whittier  
Maya Tsao-Wu SR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Carly Veasy FR Psychology Redlands
Gigi Vujovich  JR  Environmental Science & Policy  Chapman 
Sophie Walton FR Bioengineering Caltech 
Maya Weigel SR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Remy Wilson SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Michiko Yee SR Mathematics, History Chapman
Evelyn Zepeda  SO  Biochemistry  CMS-SCR 
Michelle Zhao  FR  Computer Science  Caltech  
Name Year Major Insitution
Austin Adye FR Political Science Chapman
Brandyn Alvarez FR Undeclared Redlands
Alex Arellano     La Verne
Sean Backer-Meurke   Biology La Verne
Dylan Bell SO Business Chapman
Christopher Beeson   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Aseal Birir JR Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Michael Bloomfield   Biology La Verne
Evan Brandt   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Austin Brasher SR Kinesiology Whittier
Adam Brissey SR/GR Business Administration Redlands
Ezra Broadus     La Verne
Bryce Broadwell JR Biology Redlands
Ben Bruce SO Political Science Chapman
Victor Bunce JR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Jonathan Bunnel  SO  Undeclared  Chapman 
Samuel Burnett SR Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Joey Caffaro SO Biochemistry Redlands
Arthur Chang FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Garrett Cheadle FR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Justin Cillay SR Biology Redlands
Oliver Cornelius-Knudsen JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Joe Costello  SO  Undeclared  Occidental  
Joshua Anthony Cruz    Business Administration  Cal Lutheran  
Chris Cziesla JR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Max Dahl SO Economics & Classics Pomona-Pitzer
Elias Deeb FR Business Administration Chapman
Jalen DeVine SR Accounting Redlands
Jacob Eakin SR Communication Studies Chapman
Cortez Espinoza   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Juilus Fernandez   Business Administration La Verne
Eamon Gallagher SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Alec Garofalo SR Economics Occidental 
Jacob Glasser SR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Christian Godina SR Business Administration Redlands
Jacob Green FR Biology Redlands
Nate Guanzon FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Matt Guttridge SR Kinesiology Chapman
Adrian Guzman FR Kinesiology (Sports Management) Whittier
Christian Guzman SR Business Administration Redlands
Joe Ha SO Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Elan Harris SO Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Zechariah Harris JR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Derek Hart SR Business Finance, Political Science Chapman
Jordan Harwell   History La Verne
Ryan Haughton  JR  Management Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Vincent Hebble   Computer Science La Verne
Kevin Hedlund JR Undeclared Whittier
Michael Hedlund JR Undeclared Whittier
Jadon Henry   Biology La Verne
Adam Hinthorne JR Economics & Math Pomona-Pitzer
Spencer Hogger SR Business Administration Redlands
Noah Humphrey FR Religious Studies & Chemistry Whittier
Pranav Iyer SO News & Documentary Chapman
Jerrod James SR Computer Science Redlands
Conner Johnson   Biology La Verne
Shawn Kagan   Accounting La Verne
Devin Kelly SR Finance Chapman
James Keneally  SO  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Joshua Ketcher   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Brian Keyser SR Biology Redlands
Mitch Kidd JR Business Administration Redlands
David King   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Noah Kjos FR Undeclared Chapman
Kevin Kocher SR Global Business Redlands
Alec Kohn SO Political Science Chapman
PJ LaBarbera FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Griffin Lazarus  SR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Winston Li FR Math - Comp Sci Pomona-Pitzer
Luke Livingston  FR  Philosophy, Politics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Evan Lloyd JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Connor Loveland SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Luke Lowell JR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Ivan Malinarich Campos   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Aaron Mandell SR Environmental Business Redlands
Nicholas Markarian SO Undeclared Whittier
Alex Martinez   Business Administration La Verne
Mickey McFall  SO  International Relations & Legal Studies CMS-CMC 
Brandon Medina SO Peace Studies Chapman
Lorenzo Mena SR Business Administration Whittier
Joey Mendoza FR Political Science Redlands
Paul Mesa SO Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
David Molina FR Business Administration Redlands
Owen Morrison  JR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Matthew Mulvehill SR Chemistry Occidental
William Nahm SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Dustin Nascimento JR Business Management Redlands
Patrick Neville Sr Physics Redlands
Nathaniel Nguyen-Barkus SO Undeclared Redlands
Mitchell Nickovich FR Business Administration Redlands
Darrin Nishi SR Business Chapman
Christian Ochoa  SO  Kinesiology  Whittier
Karter Odermann FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Carlton O'Neal JR Biochemistry Occidental
Jakar Oriseh   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Andrew Oritz  SO  Business Administration  Whittier 
Diano Pachote JR Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Dallas Parent   Business Administration La Verne
Jacob Parga   Speech and Communications La Verne
Conner Pederson  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Adrien Perez JR Kinesiology Whittier
Brian Phelan SO Kinesiology Whittier
Andrew Phillips SO Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
James Plunk  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Josh Portnoy FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Austin Prather SO Public Policy Analysis Economics & Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Sean Pyne  SR  Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Geno Quaid  JR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Frankie Rayis  FR  Economics & Psychology  CMS-CMC 
Santiago Roacha   History, Anthropology La Verne
Andrew Robbins SR Mathematics Redlands
Trevor Ross JR Health Science Chapman
Blake Roy FR Undeclared Redlands
Dalton Sanders SO Business Administration Chapman
Jared Schattenkerk  SR  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Josh Semaan FR Undeclared Chapman
Chaz Shizumura  SR  Economics  Occidental 
Kevin Shoyer  SR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Connor Sinclair  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Eric Smith SO Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Hayden Smith   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Jared Smith   Political Science & Criminal Justice  Cal Lutheran 
Connor Stastny  SR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Jack Storrs SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Michael Streinz  FR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Alec Sweet FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Spencer Swensrud SO   Pomona-Pitzer
Rory Taylor JR International Relations Pomona-Pitzer
William Taylor   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Billy Thomas  SR  Kinesiology & Nutrition Science  Whittier 
Toronny Thomas   Biology La Verne
Zachary Tomlinson     La Verne
Hunter Triplett   Kinesiology La Verne
Peter Troupe SO PPE Pomona-Pitzer
Connor Truhitte     La Verne
Alex Urdahl FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Dominic Vaccher SO Economics Chapman
Mac Vail JR Health Science Chapman
Steve Van Grouw FR Biology Redlands
Diego Velez JR Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Zack Verspoor JR Mathematics Redlands
Xavier Villanueva JR Biology Redlands
Jake Walters FR Business Administration Redlands
Henry Wei  FR  Economics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Michael Welch   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Jacob Wilbanks  FR Integrated Education Studies  Chapman 
Christopher Williams  SR  Television & Broadcast Journalism Chapman 
Men's Golf      
Name Year Major Insitution
Colton Bares SR Biology Occidental
Brent Bjorndahl   FR  Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman 
Harrison Brenner FR  Economics & Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Gilbert Chang SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Diego Cortes FR Undeclared Redlands
Conner Davis   Mathematics La Verne
Zachery Gellens SO Business Administration Chapman
Kevin Goldstein   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Nathaniel Gray   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Charlie Green   Communications La Verne
Harrison Holetz SO Business Administration Chapman
Dylan Jirsa SR Mathematics Occidental 
Spencer Katchman JR Undecided Pomona-Pitzer
Joseph Kuehn JR Business Administration Redlands
Austin Long  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Hunter Lowery JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Nick Michas FR Undeclared Redlands
Sam Miller  SO  Economics  Occidental 
Stefan Nelson   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Jim Nicholson     La Verne
Jack Peden SO Economics/Chinese Studies Occidental
Will Richardson SO Economics & Finance CMS-CMC
Sian Rogers  FR  Business Administration  Chapman 
Conor Rooney SO Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Owen Rosebeck FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Jake Rosen   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Sam Sawyers FR English/Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Jonathan Shaw JR  Management Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Henrik Skogseth     La Verne
Alec Spencer   Business Administration La Verne
Griffin Tso SO Business Administration Chapman
Cole Warner  JR  Physics  Occidental 
Bryan Wise SR Accounting, Business Administration Chapman
Alex Wrenn SO Economics CMS-CMC
Women's Golf      
Name Year Major Insitution
Haylie Bantle FR News & Documentary Chapman
Chloe Barnes   Undeclared Cal Lutheran 
Taylor Beckwith FR Psychology Whittier
Maya Bhat JR  Management Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Brittany Bilek  JR  Integrated Education Studies  Chapman 
Cara Brinster JR  Economics-Accounting  CMS-CMC 
Delaney Buck   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran 
Andi Chaloult FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ciara Clark JR Anthropology & Sociology Whittier
Kirsten Contreras   Kinesiology La Verne
Lauren-Ashley Fesler   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Kari Gordon SR Accounting Redlands
Raquel Gordon SR Accounting  
Kristy Harada SO Pharmacy Chapman
Sophia Hui SO Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Jennifer Kim SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Tessa King JR Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Caitlyn Kwun  FR  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Stephanie Lau SO Politics Occidental
Alison Lee  FR  International Business  Chapman 
Karlie Lemon   Criminal Justice Cal Lutheran 
Emily Lewis JR Business Administration, Economics Chapman
Nathalie Limandibhratha  SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Catherine Lott SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Morgan Malloy   Business Administration La Verne
Courtney Martin   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran 
Caroline Ordian JR Business Administration Redlands
Hannah Pasco   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Alexandra Proulx FR International Business Whittier
Libby Ramsey  SR  Economics-Accounting  CMS-CMC 
Kelly Ransom  SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Katy Uchiyama  SO  Economics  Occidental 
Kajal Vitha  SO  Business Administration  Whittier 
Women's Lacrosse      
Name Year Major Insitution
Georgia Arnold SO Media Arts & Culture Occidental
Ellen Berkley JR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Abigail Biddle FR Psychology/Political Studies Pomona-Pitzer
Lacey Bjorndal JR History Redlands
Neah Bois SO Comparative Studies/Lit & Cult Occidental
Lauren Clubb JR  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Leah Donnelly  FR  Psychology  Chapman 
Adi Fellows SO Communicative Sciences & Disorders Redlands
Abby Filsinger FR Engineering Redlands
Shai Goodman SO Sociology Occidental 
Kendall Greenberg JR  Economics & Legal Studies  CMS-CMC 
Nicole Greenberg FR Politics CMS-SCR
Denise Guerrero JR Visual Media Studies Redlands
Corie Hack  SO  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Emily Hansen SO Kinesiology Whittier
Mika Henrickson SO Digital Arts Chapman
Sophie Hubbell FR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Paige Koenig FR Undeclared Redlands
Ally Kroeckel FR Creative Producing Chapman
Nicole Larson SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Meridian Lee FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Sammy Little FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Rebeccca Long SR Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Michaela Lopez FR Kinesiology Chapman
Danelle Lucero SO Biochemistry Chapman
Kelsey Mackin GR Leadership Development Chapman
Carly McAllister JR Psychology Whittier
Lexie Meanor SO Mathematics Whittier
Emily Olague SO Psychology & Political Science Whittier
Tessa Oliaro SR Environmental Science & Policy, Health Science Chapman
Zoe Pinczower  SR  Economics & Film Studies  CMS-CMC 
Annie Price FR Public Policy Analysis/Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Oona Pritchard  SR  Media Studies & Studio Art  CMS-CMC 
Rebecca Reese  SR  Spanish Studies/Biochemistry  Occidental 
Eryn Rogers  SO  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Christian Rowe FR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Samantha Scherba FR Psychology, Integrated Educational Studies Chapman
McKenzie Scott JR Political Science Pomona-Pitzer
Sophia Silane FR Studio Arts & Art History Pomona-Pitzer
Kallyn Song-Nichols  SO  Cognitive Science  Occidental 
Tara Sonnemaker  SR  Business Administration  Chapman 
Katie Swinnerton  SR  Creative Producing  Chapman 
Lilly Thomey SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Shelby Thompson SO Undeclared Chapman
Charly Walter FR Psychology Redlands
Dillan Watts SR Graphic Design Chapman
Theresa Wechsler SR Biochemistry CMS-SCR
Kira Weiss FR Computer Science CMS-CMC
Danielle Zahn  SO  Psychology  Chapman 
Stacey Zuppa SR Biological Services Chapman
Men's Soccer      
Name Year Major Insitution
Isaiah Alba FR Undeclared CMS-CMC
Joseph Arnold   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Jared Bales SR Financial Economics & Accounting Redlands
Lorenzo Belhassen  SR  Creative Producing  Chapman 
Morgan Bennett-Smith SR Biology Occidental
Fabian Boemer  SR  Computer Science  Caltech 
Evan Bograd SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Chase Boone JR Business Administration Redlands
Amine Boubezari  SO  Computer Science  Caltech 
Patrick Burke FR Economics CMS-CMC
Dylan Carlyle FR Economics Redlands
Alex Censullo SR Economics CMS-CMC
Max Charman   Business Administration La Verne
Tyler Chen FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Casey ChubbFertal JR Business Administration Redlands
Bennett Close JR Business Administration Chapman
Jacob Conlon SO Math & Business Administration Whittier
Akima Connelly FR Biological Sciences Chapman
Alex Cortez   Biology & Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Michael Crowley  JR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Daniel Cui JR Biology CMS-CMC
Noelle Davis FR Electrical Engineering Caltech
Ben Dibble FR International Relations CMS-CMC
JD Feist  SR  Chemistry  Caltech 
Aiden Ferrer SO Media Studies/Environmental Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Thayer Fisher SR Mathematics/Chinese Studies Occidental 
Ethan Fletcher  FR  Undeclared  Whittier 
Henry Frome  SO  Economics & Psychology  CMS-HMC 
Justin Funes   Kinesiology La Verne
Benjamin Gabella   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Kevin Gao SR Chemical Engineering (PS) Caltech
Grant Gilchrist  JR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Zev Gollis SR Political Science Chapman
Nikhil Gupta SO Computer Science Caltech
Chris Haack JR Computer Science Caltech
Ashwin Hari JR Computer Science Caltech
Richard Harris  FR  Undeclared  CMS-HMC 
Josh Haskill JR Mathematics & Global Business Redlands
Darren Holmes SO Business Administration Whittier
Aidan Johnson  SO  Government & Philosophy  CMS-CMC 
Ethan Kable FR International Relations CMS-CMC
Joey Kenney SO Undeclared Redlands
Petter Knoph   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Alexander Knox JR Accounting Redlands
Jack Kolodge    Business Administration  La Verne 
Toshi Kosins FR Psychology Redlands
Matthew LaBrie SO Economics Occidental 
Peter Laminette SR Biology Occidental 
Alex Lettenberger FR Computer Science Caltech
Elijah Lichtenberg SR Economics & Psychology CMS-CMC
Will MacFarlane JR Environmental Business Redlands
Neil McBlane UG None Caltech
Jacob Merkle JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ben Mitchell JR Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Tristan Nee SO Computer Science Caltech
Ricardo Pena Mata SR Kinesiology Whittier
Sammy Piascik FR Physics Caltech
Federico Presutti SR Applied Physics Caltech
Devin O'Donnell FR Undeclared Whittier
Ryan Onart FR Sociology Chapman
Christopher Ortiz   Physics Cal Lutheran 
Luis Perez   Computer Science Cal Lutheran 
Peter Renzepis JR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Jorge Rivas SR Business Administration Whittier
Ray Ray Roberson FR Undeclared Whittier
Anton Russell   Business Administration La Verne
Marco Saglimbeni SR Biological Sciences Chapman
Jake Sarmiento SR Health Science Chapman
Ryan Sayler FR Undeclared Redlands
Luke Scanlan  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Arnav Sharma FR Computer Science Caltech
Max Shen Molesky FR Biology Caltech
Richard Shim FR Biology Caltech
Cole Smith  FR  Business  CMS-CMC 
James Suri SR Political Science Whittier
Matthew Swift  JR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Ben Thompson JR Global Business Redlands
Gerardo Vazquez    Psychology  La Verne 
Greg Veron   Kinesiology La Verne
Kyle Whatnall SO Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Theo Yang FR Chemical Engineering (BM) Caltech
Colin Zaccagnio SR Global Business & Economics Redlands
Alban Zohn  SR  Psychology  Occidental 
Gonzalo Segundo Martinez Zorzi SO Business Administration Whittier
Arjun Zutshi FR Chemical Engineering (PS) Caltech
Women's Soccer      
Name Year Major Insitution
Nadia Alaiyan SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Andrea Aldama FR Political Science Whittier
Bryn Anderson FR Environmental Science Redlands
Elly Aronson FR Sociology Chapman
Cameron Baggs      
Aubrey Baran SO Child Development Whittier
Sydney Baron FR Psychology Redlands
Sofia Barsher JR International Relations Pomona-Pitzer
Katie Bell SR Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Isa Berardo FR Environmental Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Ellen Berkley JR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Danika Bethune SR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Juna Bouchekara   Kinesiology La Verne
Bria Bowton FR Undeclared Redlands
Molly Boyle SO Undeclared Redlands
Jordyn Bradbury FR Business Chapman
Makella Brems SR  Government  CMS-CMC 
Emily Cassell  SR  Government  CMS-CMC 
Gabriela Cavazos FR Business Administration Redlands
Gabrielle Clouse FR Human Biology CMS-CMC
Alina Cobian   Psychology La Verne
Bailee Cochran FR Business Chapman
Jacey Coniff JR Engineering CMS-HMC
Chelsea Connelly FR Kinesiology Whittier
Hayden Craig FR Human Biology CMS-SCR
Veronica Crow FR Undeclared CMS-SCR
Peri Cuppens SO International Relations Pomona-Pitzer
Julia Diaz SR Business Administration, Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Brittany Dinkins FR Accounting Redlands
Kira Doting SR Communications Studies Chapman
Agueda Dudley-Berrios SR International Relations Pomona-Pitzer
Erin Dung SO Psychology Occidental 
Lindsay Erl  SO  Kinesiology  Chapman 
Katelyn Faust SR Literature CMS-CMC
Adi Fellows SO Communication Disorders Redlands
Sydney Flynn JR International Relations CMS-CMC
Alysa Frazier   English Cal Lutheran 
Shayla Funk JR Public Policy Redlands
Alexa Glick FR Biochemistry Redlands
Corey Goelz SR Public Policy Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Ashley Gonzalez JR Undeclared Whittier
Madison Griess   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Jessica Hernandez   Kinesiology La Verne
Megan Hodgson   Accounting La Verne
Emily Holbrook SO Business Administration Chapman
Hannah Holden SO Business Administration Chapman
Faith Holloway SO Biological Sciences Chapman
Rhiann Holman  FR  Computer Science  CMS-CMC 
Emily Hoskins SR Psychology Chapman
Lara Jacobson JR History Chapman
Amy Johnson  SR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Mel Johnson FR Undeclared Redlands
Julia Kearns   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Jamie Kerester SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Katherine Kim SO Economics Occidental 
Kourtney Kingsmore SR Kinesiology Chapman
Kristin Kleinow SR Business Administration Chapman
Leah Kolek JR Child Development Whittier
Megan Kuo FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Brianna Lau FR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Erin Lau SR Business Administration Redlands
Catherine Leon SO Economics-Accounting & Spanish CMS-CMC
Hannah Leone   Kinesiology La Verne
Megan Lo  SO  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Julia Locke    Biology  Cal Lutheran  
Megan Maher SR Biochemistry Occidental
Riley Martin   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran 
Lyla Matar SO  Music & Sociology  Whittier 
Sarah Malott  SO  Economics & International Relations  CMS-CMC 
Mikaela Malsy SO Pre-Law Whittier
Kelly McConnell  SR  Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Hannah Menk JR Communicative Disorders & Liberal Studies Redlands
Jordan Miller   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran 
Madison Mills SO Communicative Disorders Redlands
Emily Montgomery FR Kinesiology Whittier
Lindsay Mooradian SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Kanoelani Morihara SO Kinesiology Whittier
Molly Mosher JR Physics Pomona-Pitzer
Jennifer Muise SO English Whittier
Maeve O'Connor SO Communication Studies Chapman
Abby Onderwyzer-Gold JR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Wren Osler  JR  Politics  CMS-SCR 
Madeleine Peterson  SO  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Brianna Pinal   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Lindsay Piwinski JR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Nikole Prelooker   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Anissa Raja SR Urban/Environmental Policy Occidental
Traci Ramirez   Biology La Verne
Kiralee Ramos FR Undeclared Redlands
Hayley Romo SO Biology Redlands
Gabriella Sainz   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Hanien Samara   Psychology La Verne
Erin Schlosser JR Visual Media Studies Redlands
Sara Sherburne SO Environmental Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Hannah Shimizu FR Biology Redlands
Taryn Silverglate FR Business Administration Chapman
Cambria Smith   Liberal Studies La Verne
Sydney Smith  JR  Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Alexandra Stewart   Biochemistry Cal Lutheran 
Sarah Tadeusiak   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Taryn Tanaka SR Accounting Chapman
Katie Tao SR Sociology Pomona-Pitzer
Kyndall Taylor   Kinesiology La Verne
Clarissa Terris SO Political Science Whittier
Stella Thermos SO Business Administration Whittier
Meredith Thieme  SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Natasha Thornton-Clark JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Sarah Tocher  FR  Government  CMS-CMC 
Bria VarnBuhler FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Kristina Velasco  SR  Kinesiology  Whittier 
Nicole Warnick SO Communicative Disorders Redlands
Emily Watts SR Communication Studies Chapman
Sabrina Wilk SO Environmental Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Nina Winsick   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Kali Youngdahl   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Name Year Major Insitution
Marialena Ahern  JR  Psychology  Whittier 
Brianna Alvarez  JR  Biology  Whittier 
Amanda Ang SR Communicative Disorders Redlands
Sofia Baig SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Alex Battest SR Psychology Occidental
Ursyla Baumgarten JR Communicative Disorders Redlands
Samantha Blum  SR  Psychology & Kinesiology  Whittier 
Nicole Briedis JR Child Development Whittier
Justice Borden   Education La Verne
Kelsey Buchanan JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Sam Carlson JR Neuroscience Pomona-Pitzer
Samantha Casanas FR Sociology Whittier
Emily Claudy SO Biological Sciences Chapman
Bianca Cockrell SR Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Carly Condon   Business Administration La Verne
Isabella Deatherage FR Undecided Pomona-Pitzer
Kira Elliott  SO  Economics/Diplomacy & World Affairs  Occidental 
Alexa Findley   Multimedia Cal Lutheran 
Michaela Foisy FR Sociology Chapman
Allison Fonseca JR Psychology Whittier
Alexis Funaki  JR  Psychology  Occidental  
Morgan Gallegos FR Sociology Chapman
Hayley Giffin FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Haley Gomez   Broadcast Journalism La Verne
Savannah Green FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Reeve Grobecker SO  Philosophy, Politics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Briana Halle  SR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Sarah Hartmann FR Undeclared Chapman
Abbigael Howard   Criminal Justice Cal Lutheran 
Natalie Ireland JR Environmental Science Pomona-Pitzer
Hayley Jaquess   Kinesiology La Verne
Tawney Lilley SO Psychology Redlands
Christine Lo Verde FR Biochemistry Chapman
Kendall Marinesi   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran 
Abigail Metsch  SO  Media Studies  CMS-SCR 
Casey Nunnelly  SO  Undeclared   CMS-SCR 
Rachel Ogata   Business Administration La Verne
Marya Ornelas FR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Makenna Pellerin   Communication Cal Lutheran 
Rachel Perley  SO  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Emily Rockhill JR   Pomona-Pitzer
Chloe Rodman JR Psychology CMS-CMC
Carly Roleder  JR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Marissa Romero SR English Literature Redlands
Hayley Romo SO Biology Redlands
Elizabeth Runge SO Health Science, Psychology Chapman
Jaci Sanchez FR Environmental Science Redlands
Sierra Scali   Communication Cal Lutheran 
Alexis Schiff   Business Administration La Verne
Olivia Serrano   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran 
Quinn Sheehy SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Shannon Skrzynski JR Business Administration & Economics Redlands
Catherine Slabaugh   Communication & Religion Cal Lutheran 
Jordyn Smith SO Communicative Disorders Redlands
Krystal Smith   Child Development La Verne
Stephanie Stamnes JR Biology Occidental
Sarah Sumida SO Health Science Chapman
Sarah Taketa JR Health Science Chapman
Shelby Tevis   Mathematics La Verne
Olivia Thayer JR Biology Occidental
Ande Troutman  SO  Government  CMS-CMC 
Alexis Vargas  FR  Child Development  Whittier 
Sarah Taketa JR Health Science Chapman
Olivia Vierra JR Business Administration Redlands
Kristen Weiser SR Political Science Chapman
Sarah Whitney  JR  Enviornmental Analysis  CMS-CMC 
Hayley Wishner FR Biology Whittier
Heaven Wong FR Psychology Chapman
Samantha Yee  SR  Kinesiology  Occidental 
Men's Swimming and Diving     
Name Year Major Insitution
David Berger Maneiro SO Biology Caltech
Anders Blomso JR Religious Studies & English Whittier
Alex Bourzutschky JR Physics Caltech
Connor Broughton JR Business Administration, Accounting Chapman
Daniel Carpenter   Accounting La Verne
Michael Carson SR Econ/Accounting Pomona-Pitzer
Jake Crawford SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ben Culberson FR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Adam Dai SO Electrical Engineering Caltech
Kyle Dalrymple SR Math/Econ Pomona-Pitzer
Brandon DeValk   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Leon Ding SR Physics Caltech
Ryan Drover SO Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Ryan Emili   Mathematics Cal Lutheran 
John Everett SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Jacob Eynon SO  History  CMS-CMC 
Dire Ezeh SO Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental 
Flavio Filho   Political Science Cal Lutheran 
Gabriel Forbes  SR  French  Whittier 
Benjamin Fortuin SO Undeclared Redlands
George French   Undeclared Cal Lutheran 
Quinn Gates JR Mathematics Chapman
Jeremy Goldberg SR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Titas Grabauskas  JR  Biology  Whittier 
Jarett Guillow  JR  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Chapman 
Thomas Hamburger   Undeclared Cal Lutheran 
Peter Hansen JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Jonah Hobbs   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran 
Bryce Hurick FR Undeclared Redlands
Kyle Jackson FR Undeclared Redlands
John Jeang SO  Physics  CMS-HMC 
Vitaliy Kostylov   Mathematics Cal Lutheran 
Alexander Landau JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Austin Lashley JR Economics Occidental
Michael Laws  FR  Business Administration  Whittier 
Hanzhi Lin JR Computer Science Caltech
Dylan Lu SO Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Liam McCallum   Undeclared Cal Lutheran 
Austin Melody  SR  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
William Meng FR Undeclared CMS-HMC
Blake Milne SR Accounting Chapman
Jacob Miner FR Flute Performance Redlands
Alex Moody FR Engineering CMS-HMC
Alex Moraru FR Electrical Engineering Caltech
Grant Murray  JR  Chemistry  CMS-HMC 
Andrew Okimura   Biology La Verne
Richard Parnell SO Creative Producing Chapman
Avikar Periwal JR Physics Caltech
Velijko Plavsic SR Accounting, Business Finance Chapman
Brandon Pon   Criminology La Verne
Bryan Poole   Anthropology La Verne
Ben Sappey JR Physics Occidental
Michael Schuur SO Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Blake Seidner  JR  Economics-Accounting  CMS-CMC 
AJ Silva SR Biological Sciences Chapman
Matt Skinner FR Undeclared Redlands
Graham Spurzem  SR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Henry Steiner SO Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Henry Stuckenschmidt JR Global Business Redlands
William Thorson     Pomona-Pitzer
Crosby Tinucci JR Biological Sciences Chapman
Sean Todd SO Business Administration Redlands
Jeffrey Tran JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Trevor Tuma  JR  Biology  Whittier 
Mitchell Walker SO Business Administration Redlands
Dmitri Washington  JR  Kinesiology  Whittier 
Jacob Weber JR Business Administration Chapman
Jonathan Willett SO Mathematics Caltech
Samuel Willett  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
CJ Woodward    Biology  La Verne 
Brian Wright JR Mathematics Redlands
Matthew Valencia    Business Administration  La Verne 
Guillermo Yanes    Kinesiology  La Verne 
Women's Swimming and Diving    
Name Year Major Insitution
Emily Bachman-Ferreira SO Business Chapman
Liv Baker FR  International Relations   CMS-CMC 
Victoria Berardi SO Communicative Disorders Redlands
Gabriela Biedebach   Biology La Verne
Katie Blasing SO TV Writing & Production Chapman
Tory Brewster FR Undeclared Redlands
Cassie Burgess SR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Elizabeth Carrade JR  Government  CMS-CMC 
Allie Carter SO  Psychology  CMS-CMC 
Krislyn Cha   Liberal Studies La Verne
Ivy Chen  FR  Mathematics & Computer Science  CMS-HMC 
Isabelle Cheng    Educational Studies  La Verne 
Laura Chun SO History Occidental
Mary Lynn Clark SR Psychology CMS-SCR
Rachel Coleman   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Tracy Cresta SR Political Science & Spanish Redlands
Brianna DeValk   History Pedagogy Cal Lutheran 
Brittany DeValk   History Pedagogy Cal Lutheran 
Maddie Dimarco SR Sociology Occidental 
Rianna Elle Dizon SO Computer Science Chapman
Stephanie Doi SR Psychology CMS-CMC
Sabrina Evanson  SO  Health Science  Chapman 
Allison Farre   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Aliana Flagsberg-Tsai SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Claire Fieweger SR Health Science Chapman
Sara Frank SR Environmental Studies Redlands
Elisabeth Gallmeier FR Physics Caltech 
Teresa Gerhold FR Kinesiology Chapman
Madeline Gillman SR Biology Occidental 
Caitlyn Gonzales  FR  Business Administration  Whittier 
Courtney Gray FR Undeclared Redlands
Natalie Green  SR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Ally Haase  FR Biological Sciences Chapman
Julia Hagenbaumer FR Undeclared Whittier
Mary Hanna   Kinesiology La Verne
Torrey Hart  SO  Psychology & Media Studies  CMS-CMC 
Leimana Hassett JR Kinesiology & Flim Production Whittier
Kayanna Heffner JR Kinesiology & Philosophy Whittier
Katelyn Henderson SO Kinesiology Chapman
Kayla Heiss SR Child Development Whittier
Mallorie Hsu FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Rachel Isaacs SR Biological Sciences Chapman
Caitlyn Jacquemart FR Biological Sciences Chapman
Kameran Joel   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Zofli Kaczmarek SR Applied Physics Caltech 
Madison Kauahi SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Amanda Keller SR Music Whittier
Emma Key SO Undeclared Redlands
Rachel Kling SR Health Science Chapman
Jessica Kolsky SR Chemistry Redlands
Brooke Latner SR Health Science Chapman
Kristin Lie  JR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Kelly Livingston FR Health Science Chapman
Anna Lundsten   Psychology & Global Studies Cal Lutheran 
Madeleine McMurray JR Business Administration & Environmental Science  Whittier
Cassie Meyers FR Business Chapman
Danielle Miller SR Psychology Redlands
Rachel Miyoga   Kinesiology La Verne
Morgan Molinaro SO Biology Whittier
Claire Napier FR Undeclared Redlands
Erika Ngo JR Psychology Whittier
Kelly Ngo  SR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Lindsay Nichols JR Psychology Redlands
Rebecca Nicholson SO English Occidental
Cayla Nishizaki SR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Veronyca Norcia    Psychology, Photography  La Verne 
Ellie O'Brien SR Mathematics/Economics Occidental
Angelina Pan FR Physics Caltech 
Tianna Pasko   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Brittany Percin SO Biology Caltech 
Delaney Poe   Business Administration, Theatre Arts La Verne
Ali Queen SR Neuroscience/Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Olivia Rock JR Psychology & Liberal Studies Redlands
Miranda Roethler SR Biology Occidental
Lauren Rosenberger  JR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Pippa Russell SO TV Writing & Production Chapman
Ashley Sagouspe SR Biology Whittier
Grace Sanchez   Criminal Justice & Spanish Cal Lutheran 
Lindsey Seidner  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Brenda Shanahan SO English Whittier
Emily Sharpe   Mathematics Cal Lutheran 
Tzarina Shippee FR Physics Caltech 
Jamie Shultz   Chemistry Cal Lutheran 
Emma Stacy  SO  Biochemistry  CMS-SCR 
Claire Stuhr JR Johnston Center Redlands
Kami Szabados JR Finance Chapman
Emily Taifer JR Spanish, Strategic Corporate & Communications Chapman
Gemma Takahashi SO Geobiology Caltech 
Kellyn Toole SO Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Meagan Toumayan   English Cal Lutheran 
Linnea Uyeno  FR  Economics & Literature  CMS-CMC 
Erin Van Zanten SR Kinesiology Occidental
Christine Weyers   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Sadie Wiens SO Kinesiology Chapman
Maya Williams-Young SO Social Work Whittier
Lavinya Yap SO Pre-med Pomona-Pitzer
Men's Tennis      
Name Year Major Insitution
Antony Bello SR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Avery Bicks FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ransom Braaten   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Alex Brenner SR  Economics & Psychology  CMS-CMC 
Cameron Coe SO Economics Occidental
Brock Dehaven  SO  Business Administration  Chapman 
Johann Dias    Physics  Cal Lutheran  
Joshua Gearou SO Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Samuel Gearou SO Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Julian Gordy SO  Economics-Accounting  CMS-CMC 
Jake Haffner   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Quinn Hirsohn FR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Matthew Jacobs FR  Economics & Psychology  CMS-HMC 
Hunter Kettering  JR  Business Administration  Whittier 
Joshua Kim SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Maxwell Koszowski  FR  Undeclared  Whittier 
Thomas Koszowski FR Undeclared Whittier
Darrus Lee FR Business Administration Chapman
Ryan Lee JR Biology Occidental
Zixiao Li  SO  Electrical Engineering  Caltech 
Andrew Liu  SO  Biology  Caltech  
Jonathan Miller FR PPE Pomona-Pitzer
Daniel Morkovine  SR  Economics & Computer Science  CMS-CMC 
Jacob Neal  SR  Business Administration  Chapman 
Adrian Nilsson-Redman SO Accounting Redlands
Ruthwick Pathireddy SR Computer Science Caltech 
Sathwick Pathireddy SR Computer Science Caltech 
Josh Sarsfield SR Business Administration Chapman
Rohan Shankar SR  Computer Science & Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Spencer Simonides SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Carson Skoropada   Economics Cal Lutheran 
Connor Soohoo FR Computer Science Caltech 
Grant Stankaitis  FR  Mathematics & Civil Engineering  Chapman 
Tom Suchodolski SR Accounting Redlands
Michael Sulahian   Accounting Cal Lutheran 
Andrew Tufenkian   Multimedia Cal Lutheran 
Miha Valencic FR Chemical Engineering (MS) Caltech 
Tine Valencic FR Physics Caltech 
Elmer Van Butselaar  JR  Kinesiology (Pre-Therapy)  Whittier 
Praful Vasireddy SO Physics Caltech 
Avinash Vemuri  SO  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Charlie Werman  SR  Business Administration  Chapman 
Jake Williams FR Mathematics & Computer Science CMS-HMC
Jake Yasgoor SR Organizational Studies Pomona-Pitzer
Women's Tennis      
Name Year Major Insitution
Catherine Allen FR  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Alexandra Bodrova  FR  Mechanical Engineering  Caltech  
Claire Bohoskey JR Communicative Disorders Redlands
Sarah Cai  JR  Chemistry  Caltech  
Caroline Casper SO Undecided Pomona-Pitzer
Arianna Chen SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Sophia Chen SR Electrical Engineering Caltech 
Vinci Chen JR Computer Science Caltech 
Andrea Clawson SO History Occidental
Samantha Mae Coyiuto SR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Jessica Cruz SO Economics-Accounting CMS-CMC 
Gianna Cupo    Communication  Cal Lutheran  
Kate Dolan SO Business Administration Redlands
Shivani Doraiswami JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Samantha Farrell JR Media Arts & Culture Occidental 
Nicole Fouts  SO  Psychology  Chapman 
Lauren Hutkin  JR  Spanish Studies  Occidental  
Sarah Ikioka FR Business Accounting Redlands
Elizabeth Johnson SO Undeclared Redlands
Bella Korfmann SR Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental 
Katie Kuosman SR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Christie Kurdys   Communication Cal Lutheran 
Jackie Lacy FR Undeclared Redlands
Bridget McCarthy  FR  Computer Science  CMS-CMC 
Kylie McLellan   Undeclared Cal Lutheran 
Kana Moriyama SO Mechanical Engineering Caltech 
Emily Murnin SR Chemistry Redlands
Jaye Orikasa JR TV Writing & Production Chapman
Nicole Pelletier SO Kinesiology Occidental
Julia Reisler SO Computer Science Caltech 
Mallory Roth SR Media Studies Pomona-Pitzer
Madeline Saunders SR Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Bria Smith  JR  Philosophy, Politics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Nicole Tan  FR  Neuroscience  CMS-CMC 
Erin Wang  JR  Biology  Caltech  
Emily Werman   Disabilities Studies Cal Lutheran 
Lauren Yamagami  FR  Pre-Medicine  CMS-CMC 
Kindall Yeung  JR  Undeclared  Whittier 
Maryann Zhao JR Molecular Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Men's Track and Field      
Name Year Major Insitution
Ryan Abele JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Cooper Adamo FR Mathematics Redlands
Colin Adams SO Physics CMS-HMC
Tommy Alford FR Physics Caltech
Miles Anderson SR Urban/Environmental Policy Occidental
Tomas Aragone SO Business Chapman
Oliver Artiga JR Kinesiology Occidental
Calvin Avlward JR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Babtunde Awe    Communication Cal Lutheran  
Sean Backer-Meurke    Biology  La Verne 
Nico Banks SR Economics CMS-CMC
Brody Barkan SO Psychology Occidental
Damien Berube FR Chemistry Caltech 
Sam Blazes  FR  Computer Science  Caltech 
Luke Bohlinger SO Political Science Redlands
Nicholas Borowsky FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Jonas Boudreau   Computer Information Systems Cal Lutheran 
Alex Bourzutschky JR Physics Caltech
Nathan Bradley    Psychology La Verne 
Kellen Browning FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Philip Bui SO Communication Studies Chapman
Drake Butler FR Finance Chapman
Samuel Burnett  SR Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Jesse Cai FR Applied & Computational Math Caltech 
Anthony Carter      La Verne 
Osvaldo Cerda  SR  Kinesiology (Pre-Therapy) & Spanish  Whittier 
Alex Cha FR Economics CMS-CMC
Neil Chan JR Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Paul Charbonneau SO Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Erik Chazin SR Sociology and Anthropology & Spanish Redlands
Bhairav Chidambaram FR Computer Science Caltech
Rohan Choudhury SO  Computer Science  Caltech
Jackson Cockrell    Business Administration  Cal Lutheran  
Nick Conklin  JR  Economics  Occidental  
Leo Connelly SO Undeclared Occidental 
Jackson Cooney JR Science & Management CMS-CMC
Wyatt Cooper SR Computer Science CMS-CMC
Thomas D'Anieri FR International Relations CMS-CMC
Peter Davis SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Daniel Essayan JR Chemistry Occidental 
David Fager  FR  Mathematics  Caltech 
James Findlay JR English Pomona-Pitzer
Cam Finley FR  International Relations  CMS-CMC 
Ryan Fisher   Mathematics Cal Lutheran 
Adam Florsheim SR Mathematics/Physics Occidental 
Errol Francis JR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
David Galindo JR Computer Science & Mathematics Redlands
Nathan Gallatin SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
David Garcia SR Mathematics Redlands
Eric Gofen SO Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Chance Griffin    Computer Science  La Verne 
Chris Haack JR Computer Science Caltech
Ethan Hardacre FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Charlie Harris  SO Government  CMS-CMC 
Michael Hashe SO Computer Science Caltech
Adam Hathaway SR Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Parker Head SR Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Ethan Heffernan JR Physics Occidental 
Daniel Hill SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Ryan Hoffman   History La Verne
Joey Hong SO Computer Science Caltech
Wilson Ives  FR  Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Cody Jones   Psychology & Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran 
Neelesh Karody SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
JD Kieffer SR History & Economics Pomona-Pitzer
James Kinney JR Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Daniel Klain  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Tim Krasnoperov FR Applied Physics Caltech 
Shavan Lavasani FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Corey Lee   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Andres Lemus   Criminology La Verne
Matthew Leong   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran 
Alex Lettenberger FR Computer Science Caltech
Tse Yang Lim  FR  Computer Science  CMS-HMC 
Dean Lin SO Media Arts & Culture Occidental
Tiger Lu  FR  Astrophysics  Caltech 
Harrison Luft SR Economics Occidental
Kyle Lund  SR  Robotics  CMS-HMC 
Brooks Macdonald  FR  Undeclared  CMS-HMC 
Mario Martinez   Kinesiology La Verne
Daniel McCabe SR Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Andrew Mccall JR Economics Occidental
Daniel Medina   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Tanner Moore FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech
Colin Mulligan SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Joey Najjar SO Chemistry Occidental
Cal Neikirk SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Stephen Nemeth SR Politics/History Occidental
Tanner Olsen  SR  Undeclared  Whittier 
Jeffrey Ouk   Biology La Verne
Jacob Pavlovics   Kinesiology La Verne
Nikhil Poole FR Electrical Engineering Caltech
Hunter Powers   Criminology La Verne
Matt Psaltakis  SO  Applied Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Faraaz Rashidi JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Andy Reischling SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Karsten Rentner SO Business Management & Economics Redlands
Simon Ricci FR Physics Caltech
Evan Richardson FR Economics Chapman
Christian Rider   Psychology Cal Lutheran 
Ray Ray Roberson FR Undeclared Whittier
Arch Robison  JR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Daniel Romero    Broadcasting  La Verne 
Joshua Rooney  SR  Philosophy, Politics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Danny Rosen FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Austin Sankaran JR Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Sumner Schwartz JR English Occidental
Zachary Sergey   Criminal Justice Cal Lutheran 
Adam Silverman   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Zach Solomon SO Diplomacy & World Affairs Occidental
Jonah Soltes SO Biology Chapman
Finn Southerland  SO  Undeclared  CMS-HMC 
Nathan Stringham FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Joshua Tam  JR  Kinesiology  Chapman 
Gianmarco Terrones FR Chemical Engineering (Env) Caltech
Daniel Tustin   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Niko Tutland SR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Tyler Tvelia   Business Administration Cal Lutheran 
Sean Unger JR Mathematics & Computer Science Redlands
Nicholas Vucovich JR Economics & Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Andrew Wang  FR  African Studies  CMS-CMC 
Jordan Washecheck FR Biochemistry Redlands
Joshua Wasserman  SO  Business  Chapman 
Charlie Watson SR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Kyle Yano SO Biology Redlands
Women's Track and Field      
Name Year Major Insitution
Tyra Abraham JR  Anthropology & Media Studies  CMS-SCR 
Sondra Abruzzo SO  Politics  CMS-SCR 
Catherine Banobi SR Public Policy Analysis/Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Rachel Barcklay FR Physics & Mathematics CMS-HMC
Maddie Bennet JR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Vanessa Blanchard JR Biology Redlands
Morgan Blevins SO Engineering CMS-HMC
Melissa Braun SO Kinesiology Occidental
Sophia Brooks JR Environmental Policy & Management Redlands
Roselyn Cantu JR International Relations CMS-CMC
Avery Cardosi  FR  Creative Writing  Chapman 
Zoe Cardwell-Copenhefer FR Undeclared CMS-SCR
Dani Chami JR Government CMS-CMC
Lauren Chrislu   Mathematics Cal Lutheran
Rachel Coleman   Business Administration Cal Lutheran
Kayla Cross   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Charlotte Cullip JR  Chemistry Occidental 
Emily Dabrow SO Communicative Disorders & Liberal Studies Redlands
Katrina Dank JR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Cora Davies SO Biology Occidental 
Sarah Dearborn   Undeclared Cal Lutheran
Sabrina Degnan SO Psychology Occidental 
Carolyn Demaree SR Political Science & Public Policy Redlands
McKenzie Deutsch SO Environment, Economics & Politics CMS-SCR
Mel Devoney SR Biology Occidental 
Prisca Diala JR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Geneva Ecola SO Engineering CMS-HMC
Nicole Feng FR Applied & Computational Math Caltech 
Laura Fleming FR Undeclared CMS-HMC
Lia Francis FR Linguistics Pomona-Pitzer
Amanda Gallop FR English CMS-SCR
Abby Gardner SR Mathematics Pomona-Pitzer
Tiahna Gillon    Kinesiology  La Verne 
Dream Gonzales   Education La Verne
Gabi Gould FR Pre-Health Redlands
Natalie Gradwohl JR Kinesiology Occidental 
Jennifer Grady  FR  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Danielle Guardado FR Mathematics Whittier
Kendall Guidetti   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran
Helen Guo FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Emily Guthormsen JR Business Administration Redlands
Melissa Gutierrez SO Geochemistry Caltech 
Waylon Henggeler SO Biochemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Mia Hernandez SO Business Chapman
Chloe Hoeber SO Cognitive Science Occidental 
Mallory Jones FR Business Chapman
Kaylee Jorgensen JR Psychology Redlands
Courtney Justus JR Health Science Chapman
Nirel Jones Mitchell FR Government CMS-CMC
Cybele Kappos SR Politics Pomona-Pitzer
Justine Keller JR Sociology & Anthropology Redlands
Allison Kilday SO Economics Occidental 
Gabriella Kimmerly  SO  Biology  CMS-SCR 
Rebecca Kozlowski   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Keren Lee FR Biochemistry Redlands
Liz Lee  SR  Engineering  CMS-HMC 
Catalina Lee Kim   Business Administration La Verne
Jennifer Lehr SR Public Policy Analysis CMS-SCR
Joyce Liao SR English Occidental
Alison Lui  SR  Chemical Engineering (Env)  Caltech  
Malea Martin SO Undeclared CMS-CMC
Katelynn Maynard SO Film Production Chapman
Kelly McHugh SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Carmen Mejia SR Computer Science CMS-SCR
Amanda Mell FR Psychology CMS-CMC
Mariah Mercado   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Marika Moreland  FR  Biology  CMS-CMC 
Lauren Mott SR Biochemistry CMS-CMC
Rachel Mow SR Chemistry CMS-CMC
Matilda Msall SO Undeclared CMS-SCR
Caroline Nicodemus   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran
Meredith Nix  SO  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Delaney Nolin SR Biology Occidental
Courtney Oberholtz   Education La Verne
Cheyenne Page   Philosophy La Verne
Vaiva Palunas  SR  Biology  CMS-SCR 
Kayla Paraiso JR English/Organizational Studies Pomona-Pitzer
Sarah Parsons   Psychology Cal Lutheran
Hannah Pickerill JR Psychology Chapman
Megan Pollock   Psychology Cal Lutheran
Jessica Portillo   Athletic Training La Verne
Jasmine Ramos SR Mathematics Redlands
Ellie Ramsey SO Creative Writing Redlands
Skye Reese FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech 
Sophie Richards FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Kara Romani SO Sociology & Anthropology Redlands
Kelsey Rouse   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran
Miranda Safar FR Business Administration Chapman
Kaile Sauro SR Environmental Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Erika Schell SO Art & Art History Occidental
Georgia Scherer  FR  Science & Management  CMS-CMC 
Taylor Schulze    Kinesiology  La Verne 
Sheridan Scifres JR Business Administration Chapman
Alison Smith SR Business Administration Redlands
Katie Snell  FR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Jessika Snincsak SR Biology Redlands
Morgan Snyder   Interdiscipilnary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran
Braelin Stockton  SR  American Studies  Occidental 
Melissa Tobias  FR  Undeclared  Whittier 
Destinee Unabia  SO  Kinesiology  Whittier 
Carly Veasy FR Psychology Redlands
Kelly Watanabe  FR  Molecular Biology  CMS-CMC 
Paige Waters JR Mathematics Occidental
Amy Watt FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Maya Weigel SR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Makena Westbrook   Psychology Cal Lutheran
Maiya White     La Verne
Mandy Widen JR Biology Redlands
Sabrina Wilk SO Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Caroline Willian  SR  International Relations  CMS-CMC 
Dan'Nyce Worthy-Mays FR International Relations Whittier
Gianna Wu SO Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Michiko Yee SR Mathematics, History Chapman
Emma Yudelevitch SO Urban/Environmental Policy Occidental
Evelyn Zepeda  JR  Biochemistry  CMS-SCR 
Women's Volleyball      
Name Year Major Insitution
Lina Aluzri FR  Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Olive Anagu JR Biochemistry Whittier 
Jackie Andrade SO Biology Redlands
Margaux Arntson JR  International Relations  CMS-CMC 
Natalie Barragan   Educational Studies La Verne
Jessica Blum SO Psychology Chapman
Kaylee Burdick SO Accounting Redlands
Aubrey Caires FR Kinesiology Whittier 
Christina Casey FR Biology Redlands
Christine Covode SO Undecided Pomona-Pitzer
Natalie Creekmur SR  Biochemistry  CMS-CMC 
Sabrina Degnan SO Psychology Occidental 
Mikayla Dobson    Marketing Communication  Cal Lutheran 
Hunter Durham  SR  Child Devlopment (Education) Whittier  
Katie Engle  FR  Sociology  Whittier  
Lauren Friend SO Biochemistry Chapman
Megan Fuelling SO  Undeclared CMS-SCR 
Carla Furey   Psychology Cal Lutheran
Sarah Gamble SR Public Policy Analysis Pomona-Pitzer
Cassandra Guidice JR Comparative Studies/Lit & Cult Occidental 
Amanda Herold JR Sociology Occidental 
Savy Janssen JR English Chapman
Sophie Janssen SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Kaylee Johnson   Kinesiology La Verne
Lindsey Johnson SO Strategic & Corporate Communications Chapman
Courtney Justus JR Health Science Chapman
Isabel Kelly FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Mei-Ling Laures FR Computer Science Caltech 
Michelle Lawrence   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran
Casie Lowden  SR  Kinesiology (Pre-Therapy)  Whittier  
Monica Lundgren   Marketing Communication Cal Lutheran
Phoebe Madsen  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC
Alex Michel SR Communicative Disorders & Spanish Redlands
Alexis Mills  JR  Kinesiology  Whittier  
Nayelli Munoz FR Psychology Chapman
Rachel Ng JR Bioengineering Caltech 
Hannah Nua   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
CJ O'Brien   Biology Cal Lutheran
Sofia Olsson FR Biology Redlands
Suzannah Osekowsky SR Electrical Engineering Caltech 
Sarah Pappas   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Haley Petruescu FR Kinesiology Whittier 
Sarah Plett SO Undeclared Chapman
Kate Porter JR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Camryn Purdom  FR  Chemistry & Engineering  Whittier  
Kaitlyn Raymundo JR Health Science Chapman
Alaina Rhee  FR  Undeclared  Whittier  
Amanda Roberts   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Marisa Rojo   Kinesiology La Verne
Jackie Roland FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Stephanie Rolfson   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Kristen Sanchez   Kinesiology La Verne
Kelsie Sievers   Biology La Verne
Eve Silverman FR Integrated Education Studies Chapman
Abby Smith SR Kinesiology Chapman
Jamie Smith   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Jenny Smith  JR  Physics  CMS-HMC 
Claire Strohm  JR  Spanish Studies/Diplomacy & World Affairs  Occidental 
Stephanie Sun SR Media Studies Pomona-Pitzer
Sammi Tafoya FR Computer Science Redlands
Isabelle Taylor  FR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Jasmine Tong SR Kinesiology & Nutrition Science Whittier 
Sarah Tritschler  FR  Psychology  CMS-CMC 
Sara Utsugi SO Communication Studies Chapman
Valerie Van der Linden  FR  Undeclared  Whittier  
Katelyn Winiecki   Business Administration La Verne
Sarah Yauchzee   Chemistry La Verne
Yesim Yurteri FR Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Sakthi Vetrivel SO Computer Science Caltech 
Ellie Walker FR Chemical Engineering (PS) Caltech 
Ker Lee Yap SR Computer Science Caltech 
Anna Yung  JR  Economics  Occidental 
Men's Water Polo      
Name Year Major Insitution
Timothy Aakhus JR Business Finance Whittier 
James David Baker SR Molecular Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Jared Bernardi FR Business Administration Chapman
Chris Bradley SR Mechanical Engineering Caltech 
Carlos Campos-Moya  SR  Physics (Astronomy)  Whittier  
Anuj Chadha FR Mechanical Engineering Caltech 
Taggart Diehl   Spanish Cal Lutheran
Adam Florsheim SR Mathematics/Physics Occidental 
Matthew Fong   Computer Science Cal Lutheran
Mason Fox    Kinesiology  La Verne 
George French   Biochemistry Cal Lutheran
Christopher Gardhouse   Biology Cal Lutheran
Cameron Genetti  SO  Business  Chapman 
Eshan Govil SO Engrg. & Applied (CNS) Caltech 
Mark William Hallman JR Computer Science Pomona-Pitzer
Timmy Hardman SR   Pomona-Pitzer
Bryce Hurick FR Undeclared Redlands
Kyle Jackson FR Undeclared Redlands
Ian Joaquin Jaime SR   Pomona-Pitzer
James Kelbert FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Connor Lee SR Computer Science Caltech 
Ethan Lewis FR  Computer Science  CMS-CMC 
Jack Lloyd SO Biology Caltech 
John Macdonald FR Mathematics & Civil Engineering Chapman
Richard May JR Chemical Engineering (MS) Caltech 
Liam McCallum   Computer Science Cal Lutheran
Tim Menninger SR Computer Science Caltech
Harrison Miller  FR  Economics & Engineering  CMS-CMC 
Massimiliano Mirarchi JR Business Administration Whittier 
Kyle Murata SR Political Science Redlands
Kevin Oetken   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Wilson Parnell SR Psychology Chapman
Evan Pauletich  SO  Mathematics & Economics  CMS-CMC 
Matthew Paxton   Business Administration Cal Lutheran
Harry Putterman FR Applied Physics Caltech 
Charles Ross SO Physics Caltech 
Zack Rossman  FR  Economics  CMS-CMC 
Joseph Thomas Schafer FR Undeclared Pomona-Pitzer
Chris Sekula SR Biology Redlands
Parth Shah SR Mechanical Engineering Caltech 
Eric Sichak FR Finance Chapman
Peter Tilton  JR  Undeclared  CMS-CMC 
Sean Todd SO Business Administration Redlands
Thomas James Turner SR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Matthew Von Alexander SR Chemistry Pomona-Pitzer
Mihailo Vuja  SR  Economics  Whittier  
Alex Waggoner  SR  Mathematics & Finance  CMS-CMC 
Mitchell Walker SO Business Administration Redlands
Brandon Yee SR Photography Redlands
Mark Zikov SR Financial Economics & Accounting Redlands
Women's Water Polo      
Name Year Major Insitution
Ardelle Aquino   Kinesiology La Verne
Lauren Blackburn SO Business Administration Chapman
Hayley Cates   Kinesiology La Verne
Emma Choy SO  Chemistry  CMS-CMC 
Sam D'Costa FR  Computer Science  Caltech  
Anna de Groot SR Cognitive Science Occidental 
Argelia Diaz SO Business Administration Chapman
Jordan Ehara    Computer Science  La Verne 
Alana Flaherty JR Environmental Business Redlands
Emily Fong  SR  Creative Producing Chapman  
Jessica Gaffney JR  Biology & Literature  CMS-CMC 
Devi Ganapathi JR Chemical Engineering (MS) Caltech 
Anastacia Gonzalez SO Undeclared Whittier
Kerry Goodspeed JR Integrated Education Studies Chapman
Hope Grant SR Psychology w/minor in English and World Lit Pomona-Pitzer
Courtney Gray FR Undeclared Redlands
Nicole Guerriero   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Erica Lynn Halaszynski JR Politics w/media studies minor Pomona-Pitzer
Leimana Hassett JR Kinesiology & Film Production Whittier
Kayanna Heffner JR Kinesiology & Philosophy Whittier
Natalie Fumi Hill SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Nicole Hirn   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Christine Hu JR  Science & Managment  CMS-CMC 
Crystal Huang FR Double Major in PPA & STS Pomona-Pitzer
Zulema Iboa Garcia SR Spanish Studies/Sociology Occidental 
Katie Johnston SO Applied & Computational Math Caltech 
Kolby Kahahawai SO English Literature Redlands
Maddie Kauahi SO Psychology Pomona-Pitzer
Gayatri Ketavarapu SO  Molecular Biology  CMS-CMC 
Roxy Kiessling JR Biochemistry CMS-CMC
Sarah Kreider  FR  Astrophysics  Caltech  
Hilpoi Lee JR Cognitive Science Occidental
Megan Little    Sociology  La Verne 
Mariah Mastrodimos  JR  Chemistry  CMS-SCR 
Wendy McAleer SO Psychology Redlands
Morgan Elizabeth McCracken JR Biology Pomona-Pitzer
Victoria Rose Meek   Criminal Justice Cal Lutheran
Vitoria Mezack   Criminology La Verne
Rya Minow   Kinesiology La Verne
Sasha Ananda Newton FR Double Major - Asian Studies & Cognitive Science Pomona-Pitzer
Brittany Percin SO Biology Caltech 
Ellie Peterson JR Kinesiology Chapman
Kendyl Riley  JR  Business Administration  Whittier 
Hannah Rodriguez FR Undeclared Whittier
Grace Schade SR Integrated Education Studies Chapman
Megan Seeman   Exercise Science Cal Lutheran
Madelynn Silvis   Interdisciplinary Educational Studies Cal Lutheran
Eliana Smithstein  FR  Undeclared  CMS-SCR 
Morgan Stockham SO Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Gemma Takahashi SO Geobiology Caltech 
Mackenzie Thomas   Business Administration Cal Lutheran
Helen Thomason  JR  Neuroscience  CMS-SCR 
Allison Totzke SO Communicative Disorders Redlands
Kaitlyn Vera JR Psychology Whittier
Nora Viames FR Public Relations & Advertising Chapman
Isabella Villa FR Economics Pomona-Pitzer
Sami Walker SO English & Public Policy Redlands
Remy Wilkison   Business Administration Cal Lutheran
Christina Lisa Williamson SR Math w/minor in computer science Pomona-Pitzer
Mackenzie Wooten FR Physics Caltech 
Samantha Wulfestieg   Biology Cal Lutheran
Logan Young   Business Administration Cal Lutheran
Sasha Zemsky SR Bioengineering Caltech 
Carly Zurcher  SR  Psychology  Occidental