Meet Hunter Spriggs - Chapman Football

Meet Hunter Spriggs - Chapman Football

Name: Hunter Spriggs
College: Chapman
Year: Senior
Hometown: El Dorado Hills, Calif.
High School: Oak Ridge
Position: Offensive Lineman
Major: Business Administration and Economics

Hunter Spriggs makes his return to the football field after a winning a two-year battle with leukemia. The 6-4 senior has been an inspiration throughout his two-year fight to the team and the greater campus community.

The fight began with chemotherapy after the initial diagnosis came in before the start of what should have been his junior season. After a year of battling, the cancer returned. Spriggs' doctors scheduled a bone marrow transplant to treat the cancer this time and eradicate from his body.

In the fall, Spriggs underwent a successful transplant with the donation coming from his brother. He watched most of the 2018 season from his El Dorado Hills, Calif. home but gained enough strength to return to Orange for the season finale against La Verne.

He walked out with the senior class that he came into Chapman with for the coin toss and was there to celebrate their Senior Day win. While his classmates saw the sun set on their careers, the journey was just starting over for Spriggs. The transplant was a success and he built his strength back up enough to return to the team in 2019.

Last year, a different player wore Spriggs' No. 77 jersey in each game to show the team's support in the fight of his life. This year, it will be Spriggs wearing 77 and leading his teammates on to the field. With the fight of his life now behind him, he is ready to taking opposing defensive lineman.

-- Courtesy of Chapman Sports Information -- 

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