SCIAC Women's Water Polo Student-Athletes Garner 2018 ACWPC All-Academic Recognition

SCIAC Women's Water Polo Student-Athletes Garner 2018 ACWPC All-Academic Recognition

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A total of eighty-six Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) women's water polo student-athletes from eight institutions were named to the 2018 Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches (ACWPC) All-Academic Team as recently announced by the organization.

A record total of 573 student-athletes recognized overall and divided into three teams (Outstanding: 4.0-3.71; Superior: 3.70-3.41; Excellent: 3.40-3.20), the total shatters the all-time high of 548 established last year and includes 153 Outstanding, 243 Superior and 177 Excellent selections. 

A total of 58 institutions earned at least one All-Academic selection, while 55 schools garnered Team All-Academic recognition.

To be eligible for consideration, a student-athlete's head coach must be a member of the ACWPC, while the athlete must attain a grade point average (GPA) in excess of 3.20. Teams must achieve a 3.0 GPA to garner honors.

Harvard led all teams with an overall GPA of 3.63, while Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (3.49) was the top SCIAC team with a sixth place finish overall. Pomona-Pitzer placed ninth (3.44), while Cal Lutheran (3.34), Caltech (3.32), Chapman (3.31), Occidental (3.30) and Redlands (3.30) each finished in the top 20. Whittier added a 3.05 GPA to give the conference eight teams on the list. 

Devi Ganapathi, Caltech
Victoria Rose Meek, Cal Lutheran
Miara Pipe, Cal Lutheran
Nicole Guerriero, Cal Lutheran
Christin Hirn, Cal Lutheran
Sam Wulfestieg, Cal Lutheran
Mackenzie Thomas, Cal Lutheran
Audrey Hattori, Chapman
Anna Fry, CMS
Roxanna Kiessling, CMS
Emma Choy, CMS
Isabel Wiesenthal, Pomona-Pitzer
Crystal Huang, Pomona-Pitzer
Morgan Stockham, Pomona-Pitzer
Courtney Gray, Redlands
Jena Suzuki, Redlands
Allison Totzke, Redlands
Wendy McAleer, Redlands
Kelly Klish, Redlands
Kolby Kahahawai, Redlands
Samantha Walker, Redlands
Kayanna Heffner, Whittier
Amelia Gregorio, Whittier

Madilynn Silvis, Cal Lutheran
Remy Wilkison, Cal Lutheran
Megan Seeman, Cal Lutheran
Chelsea Kegans, Chapman
Kerry Goodspeed, Chapman 
Ellie Peterson, Chapman
Joanna Spryou, Chapman
Kylie Beloian, Chapman
Nora Viarnes, Chapman
Helen Thomason, CMS
Jessica Gaffney, CMS
Katharine Larsen, CMS
Chandlyr Denaro, CMS
Christine Hu, CMS
Hannah Pearson, Occidental
Hi'ipoi Lee, Occidental
Monica Chernoff, Occidental
Cassidy Evans, Occidental
Mika O'Shea, Occidental
Anna Yu, Pomona-Pitzer
Morgan McCracken, Pomona-Pitzer
Janelle Lewis, Pomona-Pitzer
Haley Crabtree, Pomona-Pitzer
Natalie Hill, Pomona-Pitzer
Michelle Na, Redlands
Katelyn Jenkins, Redlands
Jacqueline Au, Whittier
Kendyl Riley, Whittier
Hannah Rodriguez, Whittier
Anastacia Gonzalez, Whittier
Leimana Hassett, Whittier
Kaitlin Vera, Whittier

Katie Johnston, Caltech
Hana Keller, Caltech
Gemma Takahashi, Caltech
Sarah Kreider, Caltech
Mackenzie Wooten, Caltech
Nicole Roed, Cal Lutheran
Mardell Ramirez, Cal Lutheran
Carrisa Carlos, Cal Lutheran
Alyssa Welfringer, Chapman
Argelia Diaz, Chapman
Joanna Falla, Chapman
Mary Welton, Chapman
Julia Furtado, Chapman
Emily Whitney, Chapman
Talia Florio, Chapman
Claire Baxter, CMS
Krystal Sung, CMS
Claudia Oppermann, Occidental
Lori Berberian, Occidental
Kyla Pickell, Pomona-Pitzer
Bella Villa, Pomona-Pitzer
Nohea Kahaulelio, Pomona-Pitzer
Natasha Rosenthal, Pomona-Pitzer
Colleen Woo, Pomona-Pitzer
Sarah Draves, Redlands
Alina Waldo, Redlands
Kelly Grosswendt, Redlands
Bianca Vera, Whittier
Marina Daroca Bazan, Whittier
Lauren Mauge, Whittier
Lindsay Shoaff, Whittier