Twelve Divers Set to Represent SCIAC at NCAA Division III Regionals

Twelve Divers Set to Represent SCIAC at NCAA Division III Regionals

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The NCAA announced the list of participants for the 2018 NCAA Division III Diving Regional events and 12 student-athletes from the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) have been selected to compete.

Divers from Cal Lutheran, Chapman, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS), Pomona-Pitzer and Redlands will be competing at the Region 2 event, March 2-3 at the Palo Alto College Aquatics Center hosted by Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas. 

On the women's side, seven of the 17 total female divers from the region will be from the SCIAC including the Regals' Kimberly Mehl, the Panthers' Simran Rajani and Kellyn Toole, the Athenas' Nia-Renee Cooper and Maia Presti, the Sagehens' Emma van der Veen, and the Bulldogs' Sami Scarano. Presti won the women's 1-meter diving event at the 2018 SCIAC Championships with Toole and van der Veen placing second and third respectively. On the 3-meter board, Toole took home the gold, while van der Veen and Presti followed in second at third at the conference championships. 

For the men, five of the 11 regional participants are league divers, including Chapman's Simon Duyungan, CMS's Kendall Hollimon, Pomona-Pitzer's Bilguun Altantulkhuur, and the Redlands duo of Jacob Miner and Max Spiegel. Hollimon won both the 1-meter and 3-meter events at this year's SCIAC Championships, while Altantulkhuur finished second in the 1-meter dive, with Miner placing second on the 3-meter board. 

To qualify for participation in a regional meet a diver must achieve the qualifying standard at least once at a bona fide conference championship or twice (on the same board) during any other bona fide competition and submit appropriate documentation of qualifying performances to the diving coordinator. If a diver only qualifies on one board, they may still dive both events at the regional meet. In order to be considered, a qualifying score and the dive sheet must have been submitted to the diving coordinator within 72 hours of the meet in which the score was accomplished.

Each regional meet is given a fixed number of national qualifiers. This number will be determined by the number of divers eligible to compete in a given region. At the end of the qualification period, all divers eligible to compete in a regional qualifier will be determined by the criteria listed above. The number of eligible divers at each region will be divided by the number of eligible divers at all regions and then multiplied by 24 for the men and 29 for the women to determine the ratio for the number of assigned national qualification spots. Standard rounding principals will be used to transform ratios into whole numbers. Regardless of ratios, no region will have less than two male qualifiers and two female qualifiers.

The qualifiers to the National Championships will be assigned by alternating between the highest finisher on day one and the highest finisher on day two, considering that divers already invited will be skipped. (Example with five qualifiers: 1-Winner from day one; 2-Highest finisher on day two, not already invited; 3-Highest finisher on day one, not already invited; 4-Highest finisher on day two, not already invited; 5-Highest finisher on day one, not already invited). This assures equal consideration is given to both boards.

The 2018 NCAA Division III Swimming & Diving Championships will be held over a four-day period, March 21-24, at the Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis, Ind.